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if you are that mean than that -- mean man that broke my heart, you can buy me those shoes. >> back to you. >> thank you. imogen, always a pleasure. governor mike huckabee, always a pleasure having you near me. i am greg gutfeld and i will see you soon. the u.s. and its allies continue attacks on government forces. the lawmakers here wonder what is the end game? this is as uprising spread to other nations raising bigger questions about the region. group of g.o.p. presidential hopefuls head to iowa. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." i'm jim angele in for bret baier. african countries are calling for transition to lead to the democratic connections in libya. libyan government delegation is meeting in ethiopia with five african heads of state who want a roadmap for political reform there.
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political leaders don't have representative at the meeting. coalition forces continue to pound those loyal to gaddafi. the national correspondent jennifer griffin explains why cit exit is likely not in cards. >> good evening. on day seven of the operation over libya, command of the operation still in question and not likely to be settled before sunday at the earliest. >> a transition process that will take through the weekend, more allied pilots begone taking the lead to strike forces on the ground. this was released by the british defense ministry. according to a senior nato official, representative of the coalition do not plan to meet in brussels until sunday to discuss ticking on arguably more difficult part of the
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mission. protecting the civilians. that's in the hands of ham. >> they have capability, aircraft to enforce no-fly zone or conduct air to ground operations. then you will see the u.s. role diminish in the near-term. >> ham said it's not currently arming the rebel. nato fired 16 more tomahawk cruise missiles and flew more than 160 air to destroy the air defense site and protect libyan civilians. >> it will remain in hands until they're ready to consume it. my expectation is it, too, could fall over nato. >> the the new commando is a canadian. charles buschard. even after nato places the entire mission under his command, the canadian general
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will have two american american commanders above him. sam locklier in naples a admiral the supreme allied commander in europe. >> it's the intent that when the mission is accepted by nato, that the u.s. will contribute unique u.s. military capabilities. so it's likely to see capabilities such as u.s. aircraft that are very capable at the supress of enemy air defense. >> general ham spoke to us from the headquarters in stuttgart, germany. an italian commanderrer is already in charge of the arms embargo and nato off the coast of libya. that canadian commanderrer will report to two nato commanders. >> they have been at stalemate in two eastern cities.
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rick leventhal explains how they will do anything for chance of freedom. >> a rally cry. at the check point outside of ajdabiyah. with hundreds of vehicles, fighters and supporters. they rest, refuel, reload and return to the front line. the men don't complain about sleeping and eating in the desert and are willing to do anything for freedom. >> still ready to fight despite the injury? >> this check point is ten miles north of ajdabiyah. we have been told not to travel further down the road, because if we do, we would be
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in range of the tanks, mortar and artillery. this man says overnight airstrikes weren't enough to disable gaddafi forces on the outskirts of ajdabiyah. there are reports of heavy shelling and gateway of eastern and western libya. but rebels seem confident that the troops are weakening. in eastern libya, rick leventhal, fox news. pro-democracy rallies throughout the middle east have drawn different responses from the governments they're trying to oust. with some leaders promising to change their way. the protesters have not been swayed. reena ninan surveys the scene. >> leaders across the arab world are so worried about losing power they are willing to make compromises or give up power on behalf of the people. we have witnessed this in tunisia and egypt but the leaders were still forced to go. >> this is the biggest show of
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progovernment supporters in any arab country since the middle east unrest began this year. the president told the crowd he intends to step down but not until acceptable successor is chosen. we need to have power, not to stick resentful, corrupt or inspiring hands, he says. we are ready to leave power but the citizens are responsible. to elect the leadership, not through protest and chaos. >> the news did not silence libyan opposition. the antigovernment protesters are camped out in the capital and demanding the president resign now. >> many of them wore red badges that read "fair well friday." leave. >> the president is a sly wolf, he said. he continues to waste time while he is lying. we don't have trust in him anymore. now we ask for him to leave. the people can rule
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themselves. >> meanwhile in syria, the armed government security forces clashed with antigovernment protesters in daira after the statue of the late syrian president father of the current president was burned. as many of 20 people are reported to have been killed. >> and they are trying to repress the rebellion by killing people in 1982, the citizens took to the street in support of the son bashar, current president of syria. last night and today in jordan, the protesters rallying for democratic reform stoned by protesters of kind abdullah. the king agreed to a government reshuffle but demmors say it -- demonstrators say it's not enough they called it beginning of chaos and blamed it on the islamists. demonstrations are spreading throughout the middle east and they're calling for more than reform they want new leaders
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they're demanding freedom. >> thank you. libya is facing uprising and on others around the world the white house is taking wait-and-see approach. we look at how the obama doctrine is playing out on the world stage. >> white house event marking greek independence day, president obama spoke of solidarity of the military action in libya. >> the united states and greece are standing with the nato allies to support the libyan people. >> nato divisions over how aggressively to protect the libyan civilians are complicating the u.s. efforts to step to the background. the white house says it will happen soon. >> we will not be in a league. >> the poll gives them the lowest initial public support of any military action. they call it another dangerous miss step that has led to the
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war and afghanistan. he wrote none of the wars were necessary. the humanitarian nature dies with civilian casualties. conservatives say muammar gaddafi had time to dig in and president obama built broad coalition. they say the legitimacy it gave the operation was worth the time. they deny the intervention came too late. >> this operation saved many lives but the danger is far from over. >> lawmakers who complain about not being consulted, though they have been on vacation this week, got another briefing. house speaker john boehner wanted to ask since-up resolution doesn't fall for removal, can military action end with him in power? they suggest it could. >> that is a question that depends on gaddafi's decision regarding use of force and violence against his people.
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against people of libya. i dare say they're not his people. >> the u.s. limited the response to government violence of protester and yemen that caused for cease-fire. explaining the scale of the catastrophe in libya is why they went farther there. but with yemeni president, a strong american ally, they suggest that the u.s. isn't anxious to push him. >> i think we will basically continue to watch the situation. we haven't done any post-planning if you will. >> at today's libya briefing, lawmakers say the president ruled out killing gaddafi and said there are other ways to force him from power. even if that is not a goal of the u.n. security council resolution, it remains a goal of this administration. jim? >> thanks. >> thenate majority leader harry reid slams donors to the democratic party ahead on the grapevine. first, bomb targeting a federal building sits undetected for nearly three weeks.
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the fall-out after the break.
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a judge ordered a mental health exam for a match charged with leaving an explosive at a federal building in detroit. the case has raised questions after the bomb sat for 20 days undiscovered. correspondent mike tobin has that story. >> do you have anything to say? >> according to the family, gary had been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic 18 years ago. he was allegedly able to get a bomb in the federal building in detroit where it sat undetected for 20 days. according it was in a metal box. left outside the federal building. >> the office they're discovered the bag, picked it
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up and brought it to the federal building probably broke every protocol rule that he was ever or she was taught. you never do something like that. >> reports say it sat in the lost and found until another guard thought to x-ray it. seeing suspicious components the bomb squad was mobilized and the metal box was hit with a charge causing secondary explosion confirming the presence of a bomb. it was traced back to home depot in iron mountain michigan where the f.b.i. says he was identified from the security video. reports say he had a history of faxing bizarre messages to authorities. claimed he was president, a federal agent and claimed that the federal government killed his father. the family says that he frequently refused his medication. state fire department the family say they were trying to force -- stated that the family was trying to force him. saying they were getting a court order to get him the proper treatment. the system has failed him and his family.
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a judge ordered evaluation and the officer is suspended pending allegation into how it happened. the feds got lucky because the bomb was poorly made. >> during a meeting at the justice department with the visiting police chiefs this week, attorney general eric holder focused on the recent rise in police fatality in line of duty and what can be done to prevent them. we have details. >> like war, law enforcement is described long period of boredom punc waited by moments of sheer terror. last year, this moment of terror experienced by this officer rose dramatically. after a two-year decline, last year became the deadliest year for law enforcement in two decades. officer deaths were up 40%. 162 of them were killed and firearm fatalities increase by
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the 5%. it shows no sign of slowing. >> we're not especially three or four months into 2011 and we have lost 48 law enforcement officers. >> this week, attorney general eric holder brought police chiefs around the country to washington to examine a troubling trend. one that defying the pattern. >> we see violence for offenders who are involved repeatedly in these officers killed in the line of duty. we see people with mental health issues. not any one thing but a combination of things that are concerning. >> some say it's the increasing fire power of suspects. >> there are a lot of specialized weapons out here that take law enforcement lives. >> others dismiss that. >> we are not seeing ak-47 or high-capacity magazines.
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>> whatever the cost, some officers detect a new level of brazenness. the man that entered and fired at officers randomly. or cd with faces of 30 officers that was obtained from facebook. >> officers are seen as the enemy. some think we are seeing the mainstreaming of the societal dysfunction in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. a possible breach in japan's nuclear reactor. that is later in the program. but first, some republican presidential hopefuls take an early strip to iowa.
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iowa's first in the nation presidential race intensifies this weekend. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron reports six republican hopefuls are attending a forum by iowa congressman steve king designed to showcase their conservatism. >> it's been solidly conservative in the past. the question is who can protect their philosophy agenda and personality with the broadest number of the activists. >> iowa republicans predict record turn-out 2012. this weekend will mark governor haley barbour first cattle call this year. he needs strong iowa showing and his must-win as a southerner is south carolina. >> former house speaker newt gingrich is also here and his iowa backers says he knows he must finish among iowa top three to have a real shot. social conservative decided the caucus for decades but the tea party are making fiscal
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conservatism more important in iowa this year, too. michele bachmann was born in iowa. she is hiring staff and eyeing early june to file her exploratory committee. >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum denouncing the suggestion that the g.o.p. should avoid controversial issues like abortion or gay marriage, an idea advanced by indiana governor mitch daniels who is not attending the conference and says he may not run. former u.n. ambassador john ball top and businessman herman cane round out the roster. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty has a scheduling issue. also not attending is mike huckabee. mitt romney whose campaign never really ending. john huntsman, mccain running mate sarah palin. tea party godfather ron paul and billionaire donald trump. tim pawlenty spent the most
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time building his iowa team. they are trying to build a war chest big enough to bury his rivals. i what's g.o.p. chairman has a warning for hopefuls slow to hit the trail. >> we have legislators lining up behind candidates. time is of the essence for those con tetch plaiting where they will seek presidency. >> the head reigner this weekend -- headliner this weekend is minute demint. tea party favorite saying he is not running for president. but he has a message for those that will. be bold and courageous in conservatism. >> thank you the profits in 2010, including $5.1 billion in the united states but g.e . did not pay any taxes.
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insaid, claiming a tax benefit of $3.2 billion. the financial service arm was hard hit by the downturn. significant losses at g.e . capital are not a tax avoidance strategy. taking out g.e . capital makes g.e .'s effective tax rate 21% over the past several years. still, the white house says the president is concerned. >> the president has said he committed to the corporate tax reform. he is bothered by what you're getting at, americans who heard that story are wondering how this could be. >> the u.s. economy grew to 3.1% annual rate at the end of 2010. that is fastester than the government previously estimated. rising oil prices could limit growth this year. april crude fell 5 cents to settle at $105.55 a barrel.
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prices at the pump are at the highest level this year, at a national average of $3.56 a gallon. stocks ended the week on a positive. the dow added 50. the s&p 500 gained four. nasdaq finished six ahead. portugal's president is attempting to broker a deal between rival parties to give the country a new government. as it nears unwanted bail-out. the socialist government quit wednesday. the leaders agreed on fund to replace the temporary one that expires in 2013. the british parliament and tweeting, two things that never went together until now. and the colonel gaddafi face and hair the real deal? the grapevine is next.
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we've just learned that president obama will be speaking monday night at the national defense university at 7:30 p.m. eastern. perhaps on libya. now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. even casual observer can see that muammar gaddafi looked different over the years. now we know why. brazilian surgeon says the libyan leader has had cosmetic surgery in 1995. the doctor says he was taken to a secret bunker in tripoli well after mild night for the four-hour procedure in which he removed fat from gaddafi's
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belly and injected it in to his wrinkled face. gaddafi also got hair plug, he says. he adds the libyan leader got hungry in the procedure so midway through he stopped to have a hamburger. as unrest continues in libya and throughout the middle east, china appears to be trying to nip any protests in the bud. the "new york times" noted reports have interrupted cell phone calls, e-mail and internet access. in some cases cell phones were cut off when word "protest" was uttered twice. one was about a dinner reservation where they quoted the line from hamlet "the lady does protest too much." then the phone went dead in china, even shakespeare can get you in trouble. senate majority leader harry reid is biting the hand that feeds him trying to drum up democratic donations. political report say fundraising e-mail on behalf of the campaign committee, dscc and mentioned the
4:32 am
billionaire koch brothers who give to political committees. records do show they donated 10 times as much to republicans. victory was tweet for british politicians. a parliamentary committee say they can post twitter update from house of commons as long as it doesn't impair decorum they're urged not to tweet messages that would be disorderly if actually said in the house. ♪ ♪ the top story at the bottom of the hour, nato ready itself to take commander of the no-fly zone over libya, the pentagon is considering adding air force gunship and attack aircraft. it's unclear if gaddafi is removed from power and would it have vacuum in the country.
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catherine herridge looks at the dangerous elements hoping to fill it. >> hqim was designated terrorist organization by the u.s. state department in may 2010. the propaganda video released last year shows the members weapons training from the base in algeria, the group reach now extends to border of niger, chad, libya, where muammar gaddafi not only provided the u.s. with intelligence on the operation, but publicly spoke out against them. >> the security forces come to mind. in a mosque, weapons, alcohol and their corpses all mixed up together. >> with gaddafi in hiding and potentially out of the picture, the question is whether the southern libya will become magnet for the group. >> they found their niche and they will exploit that to the degree they can. >> when they pledged allegiance to the leadership in pakistan, they promised to
4:34 am
go global. announcing in spain, egypt. >> they are moving and adaptable regardless of the situation. >> they make the money mostly through taking hostages in north africa. one of the high profile cases was a hostage edwin dire murdered after lengthy negotiations for the release stalled. at the state department, the u.s. ambassador to libya characterized al-qaeda this way. >> it's clear that the hqim is a danger to the region. >> ambassador who was pulled back from the post in tripoli suggest that gaddafi may be overplaying the threat. >> it's clearly a card he thinks he can get benefit of. patently ridiculous. do we have concerns? certainly we do. >> this week, one of al-qaeda important religious scholars hiding in pakistan released a statement supporting the overthrow of gaddafi. the issue is whether that will make it easier for them to gate foothold in northwest
4:35 am
africa. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. the coalition minority government led by steven harper fell today and lost historic no confidence vote requiring new elections that will likely be held may 2. it will be the fourth election in seven years. reports suggest against conventional wisdom he may be hoping to win majority faring better relative to other western economies. new threats at the japan stricken nuclear plant. possible breach at the reactor there, which would mean radioactive contamination is more serious than thought. reporter dominic dinatali is in osaka, japan, with the latest. hello. >> we're haring from the japanese prime minister naoto kan yesterday, it's friday morning in japan now, and he says the situation at the
4:36 am
fukushima plant is unpredictable and he was not optimistic what would happen there. admitting that the authorities do not have control of the situation and will not, for quite some time soon. they expanded the evacuation area around fukushima to 19 miles now. that takes in account that encompasss 10,000 more people in the area that want to get out, though it's voluntary evacuation from the area. we heard from forces in japan they evacuated 5,000 people to the past 24 hours. the citizens, the japanese citizens are struggling to get out. the majority have left already they can't drive away. some of them are leaving on foot. more details is that the radioactive water is coming from the compound. they think it is coming from container vessel. it will be harder to repair
4:37 am
because the fukushima 60, the restoration crew struck to get inside. two workers received radiation burns yesterday. we saw them taken away and cover in a big blue tarp. so much radiation it could be fatal. >> dominic, thank you. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon says he is up ports reassessment of the nuclear response to the incident and review of the international nuclear safety measures as the european union leaders called for stress testing of the plant to put 143 reactors through the toughest security checks possible. president obama plans to address the nation monday night. before that, the fox all-stars discuss the administration policy in libya
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we received reports today that he has taken to arming what he calls volunteers to fight the opposition. i'm not sure whether they truly are volunteers or not. i don't know how many of these recruits he is going to get. but i find it interesting that he may now feel it necessary to seek civilian reinforcements. >> okay. talking about libya and what has happened overnight as the attacks from the coalition, u.s., british and french mainly seem to pick up. bring in the panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard." charles lane, for "washington post." and charles krauthammer, syndicated columnist. steve, overnight, we had more attacks, especially from the u.s. there seems to be mission creep here, because yesterday you had people saying that this could, the french were saying that the operations could continue for days or weeks, but not months. today, nato said the no fly
4:42 am
operation said it could last three months and france cautioned that the conflict would not end soon. the end came or commit strategy seems to be illusive on this. >> nobody has any idea. people are just saying these things. usually in response to questions they get that are often direct and specific questions they are answering them but it's creating a cloud of confusion over what has happened. this is inevitably what happens when you don't have american leadership. the problem with what we are seeing now is the effort to be multilateral is as important to win militarily on the ground at this point. so you have, i don't mission creep but mission confusion. various part of the coalition that don't know what the parts are doing. other parts of the coalition that don't know what the other parts are saying. that is a big problem. >> you have lawmakers raising questions. boehner raised questions earlier when they came back from the trip. he raised more today after
4:43 am
talking to the white house. senator rockefeller, noted democrat says that now that the military has prevented immediate disaster, i have concerns over what it means for the country in the coming week. we need to spark the job creation and innovation at home, not become entangled in another conflict abroad. we know the president will speak monday night on libya. just in time as far as the lawmakers are concerned. >> no coincidence and i wouldn't surprised if he's not doing it to answer concerns from his own party about where it is headed for them. not coincidently with election year coming up. jay rockefeller isn't even the first. brown spoke out from the senate on this before. it's starting to look to me like kosovo. if we remember in the late '90s when bill clinton with
4:44 am
very thin and indeed no congressional approval went in there and sort of launched humanitarian bombing campaign to protect the enclave in the former yugoslavia. milsova capitulate and withdrew his troops from kosovo. i'm not sure that there is a scenario under which gaddafi is going to behave the same way here. that is probably where the problem comes in. >> he withdrew because he was afraid the u.s. would put ground troops in there. we ruled that out. >> yeah. >> charles, we're seeing uprisings throughout the region now. and that is one of the most remarkable things about this. especially in syria, the most repressive regime in the region. >> that is what is so surprising. is you have crowds courageous protesters in the southern area of syria. come out in the street. it is reported today in the
4:45 am
tens of thousands. and the authorities are just shooting people in the street. when you talk about levels of repression, this is a very early use of the live weaponry against protesters. this is syria. you got to remember they have been in power for 40 years in 1982, the father had a protest uprising in a town called haman. killed 20,000 people in a week. this is who they are. that is why there has been so little protest. i'm shocked that it's happening given the price. protest in syria. i'm shocked by the weakness of the american response. we had a secretary of defense saying i was in syria. the syrians ought to take a lesson from how the egyptian army is doing. what we ought to do is denounce the regime. a regime that funneled thousands of terrorists in to iraq who killed americans in the iraq war.
4:46 am
destabilizes the prowestern regime in lebanon. destabilizes jordan. egypt and supplies hezbollah with tens of thousands of rockets. enemy regime that could be in jeopardy. we ought to be stepping up our rate and we should have a strong statement from the president at least. at least denouncing them the way he denounced repression. which was less in egypt. >> steve, it's interesting. all of this evokes an old statement from kennedy. those making peaceful revolution make violent revolution inevitable. suddenly in one nation and after another, people are demanding changes. >> despite the problem i have with the timing of the intervention and despite the problem of the way they con puckett the intervention in libya where i think it may have done some good. if you look at what could have
4:47 am
happened in the absence of u.s. and coalition intervention, you had gaddafi strifing people with fighter jets and charging and slaughtering his own people. that has slowed, having stopped entirely. had we not done that, other dictators in the region, like salah in yemen saying the way to win is wanton slaughter and do it as quickly and brutally as we possibly could have. the fact that wave seen some fighting, it's bloody but not a massacre is a result of the intervention. >> glenn: up.
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now every week viewers vote for viewer choice online
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in the friday lightning round poll. this week, drum roll, please. census report won with 40% of the vote. now back with the panel. the census report is our first question here. one of the things, chuck, that was interesting about this was the group that grew the most, 43%. are hispanics. what are the political implications of that and the gravity shifted south and west. >> in one way this will help in the presidential race. why? population of states, the total population of state that vote republican is increasing dramatically. increasing representation of the college. texas that has always gone republican in the last elections will gain four elec
4:52 am
ral vote. the 22 states that john mccain carried gain seven electoral votes from 173 to 180. despite that hispanics generally vote democratic, the population result shifts the college map in favor of the g.o.p. >> glenn: anybody else want to comment on that? or next question? >> the next question. >> all right. nothing to add. let me ask you about brazil. >> my reticence. >> exactly. >> first on television. >> on the recent trip to brazil seemed more enthusiastic about brazilian drilling than american drilling. the bank is guaranteeing loans so they can buy equip fire department the u.s. they issued a permit at a time when they seemed rare for the american companies. >> we have perennial recurring problem in the country.
4:53 am
every few years, you have spike in the price of oil. we have two answers in the country. republicans say drill, baby, drill. and democrats say drill in brazil. i like brazil. a nice place for drilling. but why not in the gulf? why not off the east coast? why not in anwar? why not off alaska? >> there is a lot of tax money to be made with state and local money. something that you hear from the lawmakers, democrats and republicans. not to mention it's our oil. you reduce the dependence on the foreign nations. >> but by exporting development, president is exporting the potential political problems. if there is a spill it happens in brazil and not immediate, not in front of us. the bank is the source of more corporate welfare in the government.
4:54 am
if they want to shut down the government and save money, don't start with the bank. >> we talk like there wasn't the biggest oil spill in gulf of mexico last year. what do you expect him to do? he's done what any politician would have done. he slowed down drilling in 2002, george w. bush helped jeb get elected governor shut down drilling off the coast of florida. this is unfortunately, very emotional issue. not in my backyard. i cat say i think only a democrat would have done this. >> republicans headed to iowa this weekend. crowded field this year. what surprises do you see? >> michele bachmann potentially throwing her hat in the ring. she hasn't announced
4:55 am
officially and says she will decide in june. she looks serious. i think she and palin con stitch when will be strong, especially in iowa. >> the surprise is haley barbour. he has sighs with fundraisers and has a strong relationship with governors. but he is better on the domestic policy issues than people think. they will be surprised on that. >> i'm surprised that the republican field is so morphis and lackluster at this stage of the election cycle. you thought stronger folks would emerge, like daniels or chris christie would have taken the plunge. but there are folks that can't pass the litmus test with the iowa caucus voters so they hang back. >> okay. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a speech that
4:56 am
was lost in translation. hi, anne.
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you'll be glad you did. finally tonight. libyan leader moammar gadhafi addressed his country but what he said was open to interpretation at least by some. [ laughter ]
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